Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How is the real estate market doing?

I get this question about a bazillion times a week. It's honestly the hardest question for me to answer each and every time it is asked. A client and friend just emailed me asking if waiting to list their home would hurt or help them. Here is how I responded.
Will the market get better/worse? Your guess is as good as mine. Buyers are waiting, waiting, waiting but yet some things are selling. There is no rhyme or reason except for price. When a property is priced very aggressively it moves. Everything else is somewhat of a waiting game. Buyers have been looking and watching listings reduce, reduce, reduce. So why pull the trigger when another reduction is right around the corner? Just wait. That is how buyers feel, and the feeling is justified when you look at the evidence out there. Presentation and condition of the property is still as important as ever. No one wants a project. And the nice homes are typically the ones that are selling. Giving clients a time frame has become tougher in the last 90 days. My listings were moving fairly quickly in the first quarter and now I seem to be getting a lot of showing activity but no offers. Does that mean all of my listings that aren't selling are overpriced? I'm not sure I even know the answer to that question right now. I pride myself on initial price positioning but I have been having to go to my clients and recommend price reductions. Not sure if that is indicative of the market as a whole but it's making me reevaluate the price of each and every one of my listings. And unfortunately the numbers still don't offer much of a solution.

I didn't mean to come across as whiny because things are moving. But buyers are testing not only the seller's patience these days, they are testing their own real estate agent's patience as well. It's just how it is and we need to respond to the market! So I'm going to get back to work now!