Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Traditional Living Room = Functional Obsolescence

Many of us have noticed this trend specifically with new construction but as this article points out, the older homes are getting rid of their traditional living rooms as well.

Informal living styles, with eating, cooking and living spaces combined so thatfamily members and visiting friends could congregate together through various activities are popular. Open floor plans and voluminous space were desired more by baby boomer buyers.
Preston Hollow, known for the 50's ranch style home, has an abundance of unused living rooms which is why many families are opting to knock down walls and raise the ceilings to give the home a more "open" floorplan. Anyone out there still have furniture in theirs??

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  1. There definitely seems to be a minimalistic trend in remodeling and construction. I recently read that high ceilings increase creativity and problem solving. Thanks for the info.