Tuesday, July 8, 2008

How Important Are Online Photos? You be the Judge

I just listed this property after the owner had their home on the market with another Realtor for 6 months. You tell me what a difference a good photo - and a good Realtor - makes.

Other Realtor's Photos

My Photos

See more differences here (other listing agent's photos) and (my photos).

Makes a big difference, don't you think?


  1. Incredible differences... So how long did the other agent have the property up? I'll say yours will be getting traffic soon enough!

  2. This is the Tucson real estate blogger, Ron Park, by the way.


  3. We don't talk about how long my listings have been up with other Realtors. As far as everyone is concerned this baby is brand new on the market and fabulous. That's all you need to know. :)

  4. My apologies. Must've really felt passionate about this whole ordeal. Isn't that we're trying to fight out of? The notion and idea that real estate agents are lazy?

    But yeah. It's a great listing you got there. Great pictures. Good luck with it, Jeff.

  5. Hey! Those look familiar!

    Those other ones are terrible. Why would they post those at all?

  6. You are so hot :-)

  7. Just glad to see that this post was not in reference to ANOTHER listing that you took over.... :)

    Good luck with this one!

  8. Ha! That is funny. I have some pictures of the OTHER listing where the movers destroyed the wood floors on the stairs and the sheetrock and we're closing this week. Wanna have it back now? Grrrrrr....

  9. You're kidding me.... did they mess it up bad? Guess I will see this week when I am over there...