Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bad Real Estate Photos: Not Just For "Cheap Homes"

Lately I've been working with a large number of buyers. This translates into hours upon hours of looking through hundreds of homes - and their photos. Now, we all know there are tons of bad real estate photos out there. But what I don't understand is why sellers put up with them? Surely the owners of these homes realize the photos their agent took are terrible. One would also think bad photos simply won't be acceptable for high-end homes, right? (See the two listings below for the answer.)

I spend several hours taking professional photos of every single one of my listings, regardless of the list price. I even have special computer software that I use to process the photos and touch them up as needed. I do this because I understand the power photos have when attracting potential buyers. Yet for some reason there are still agents out there - and their sellers - who don't seem to get this. Here are some examples. Enjoy!

Loving the Casa Magnetica angle.

Kitchen is "light and bright."

More beautiful side yard. Comes complete with water hose.

We're uncertain what this photo is supposed to show us.

BAD REAL ESTATE PHOTOS BONUS: 4223 Bordeaux - $7,450,000

You would think a $7,450,000 home would have a little more, I don't know, pizazz! in the photos. Someone PLEASE help me understand how this is acceptable.


  1. Now, we all apperceive there are bags of bad real estate photos out there. But what I don't accept is why sellers put up with them.

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  2. Well, It's really bad photos, but what can we do to improve it. you know not every one can take good photos when they are selling.

  3. Wow. You sound like a great agent. I am currently selling my house on the east coast and looking at Dallas Real Estate. After reading this, I will definitely have to talk to my agent to make sure the photos she has of my house are the best they can be. Thanks again for the great advice!