Friday, October 3, 2008

Want To Meet the True Top Producing Agents in the Park Cities and Preston Hollow? The Numbers Don't Lie

Over at Dallas Dirt Candy posted some production numbers for the Preston Hollow and Park Cities areas. To me her source's numbers were a little vague and didn't give the clear picture of who was doing what type of production. If you know me at all, you know I love me some numbers. I didn't look specifically at the companies but at the Top 50 producing agents. I find that just as interesting. So dig in, analyze, discuss. (Can you believe I came in above number 1? I needed my own line because I'm in a different league. This was so unexpected.)

Production in Park Cities and Preston Hollow only:


  1. Over here at Rhodes Real Estate we like to rank by number of sales. ;)

  2. How did I know someone would bring that up? I also had the option to sort by commission and sales price to list price ratios. I know for a fact some of the people on this list don't want that to be made public.

    Glad to see smart agents actually look at this blog. At least 1 smart one anyway.