Friday, October 10, 2008

Ugliest kitchen ever?

I thought Pepto Bismol was supposed to soothe your stomach, not make you nauseous. Not only am I baffled as to why someone would paint their kitchen this color, I'm more confused as to why someone would actually buy this house. It's under contract and is severely overpriced.


  1. Pretty bad but you know we've seen uglier. I think you should start running an ugly kitchen every week.
    I had to stop running my bad real estate photos because my boss made me (I mean asked me to) because she concerned it would land me in trouble (you know, photos are the property of the agent who took them). Somehow I don't think the agents taking these photos have the savvy to find them on the internet. I think as long as you don't include the address, this would be fun.
    Show us more Jeff.
    BYW - love the new photo of you.

  2. Boo! I loved your photo posts. With as many bad photos you and I come across on a daily basis we should start a new blog just for those!

  3. And the kitchen boasts a large panty.....

  4. Isn't this an example of why smart realtors hire staging/design experts? Lose the overhead cabinets above the peninsula, paint everything in sight, replace the outmoded dining room set and trash the existing light fixtures for something of this century.