Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Buyer's Agent = Secret Agent

A person once asked me, "Why are getting listings and putting a sign in my yard so important to you Realtors?"

It's a great question and I do have an answer for this one. It has to do with marketing and visibility. When a Realtor gets a new listing it is basically a mini-billboard for that agent. If one Realtor has 7 out of 10 listings in your neighborhood who do the neighbors think is the market expert? Who gets all the sign calls and then turns them into buyers? When Realtors begin to acquire listings in a particular area it creates credibility and visibility which builds success.

Now picture a house in your neighborhood that was for sale and recently sold. Got it? Now tell me the name of the Realtor who represented the person that bought the home. What? You can't? Now you understand why Realtors aspire to get listings and not just represent buyers. Buyer's agents are basically secret agents.

And now you know. And knowing is half the...whatever. (Couldn't resist)

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