Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Real Estalker Revealed

Candy Evans over at Dallas Dirt has made it clear she doesn't care much for the Real Estalker, aka Your Mama, as the mystery writer affectionately calls herself. But I certainly dig her sassiness. The California real estate gossip/voyeur entertains her blog readers with her soul food eatin' southern belle attitude. She keeps us coming back for more with her colorful verbiage. When she describes rooms as "dee-luxe and delishusly dee-vine" and uses terms like "ak-tur" and "ak-tress" when talking about celebrities its hard not to giggle a little. She "lurvs" some homes and crticizes others. Right Phil Romano? But no one seemed to know who she was.

Embarassing as it is, Your Mama revealed herself back in August of 2007 on VH1's "The Fabulous Life Presents". My we're quick aren't we? I should have asked the Google and the Internet who she was. Or maybe I secretly wanted to keep her identity a secret...from myself. Wait. What? Anyway, here is a picture of Your Mama.

If you are surprised as to Your Mama's appearance you are not alone. Here is the link to "her" post when she made she announcement of her "coming out", so to speak. If you read the comments, many people were surprised. I, however, was not. And no I'm not just saying that to sound cool. I knew from the start Your Mama was a gay white man. Wanna know how?

Ever heard of Shirley Q. Liquor? Some of the funniest stuff I have ever heard in my life! (Be careful as some of the videos and audio can be a little raunchy) My all time (clean) favorites are "Ebonics Airways" and "Who is my baby daddy?". And this is pretty good stuff too right here.

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  1. so, now here is another puzzle... who exactly is "Dr. Cooter"?