Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What's a Mediterrantula?

One day my good friend and Realtor extraordinaire, Brady Moore, and I were talking about the surplus of new construction on the market these days. We were just jawing about the lackluster thought that obviously goes into designing these new and very large "custom homes" when Brady said he was getting tired of all the "mediterrantulas" being built in Lakewood and Preston Hollow - he is certainly not alone in thinking this.

Even hearing the word mediterrantula for the first time immediately gives you visuals of oversized mediterranean homes on small lots with way too many arches and cast stone balustrades protruding out of the home. Kinda like a tarantula, right? Check out these mediterrantulas.

If you don't agree please send Brady your hate mail by going here. Just kidding. Send your hate to me and I'll send it to him.

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