Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Acclaimed "30 Under 30" Realtor Faces Mortgage Fraud Charges

Realtor Magazine releases it's choices for the best 30 Realtors under 30 each year. So says the home page,
"These bright young professionals, chosen from more than 600 applicants, showed they have what it takes to open doors in any market."
And from the sounds of it Eve Mazzarella (pictured) of Las Vegas was opening plenty of doors for people. But it's just that she may have been making millions doing so fraudulently, according to the Feds. Among the allegations,

The government alleges Mazzarella and Grimm bought more than 200 properties at inflated values using limited liability companies and more than 400 straw buyers to make purchase offers.

The couple allegedly controlled transactions worth more than $100 million."

Geez. No wonder she made the list. And no wonder Realtors have such a bad rep.

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