Thursday, March 13, 2008

Top 10 Things That Will Sell Your Home in Today's Market

1. Price your home competitively.

2. Get an inspection before you put your home on the market.

3. Make repairs that show up on the inspection report.

4. Put oversized, ugly and unnecessary furniture in storage.

5. Landscape your front and back yard. This is the number one money maker and is the most ignored.

6. Paint over your Trading Spaces purple faux paint job, circa 1999.

7. Hire a Realtor that knows what the hell they're doing. Ask how many homes they have sold in the last 12 months, average days on market, average list to sales price ratio, what is their marketing strategy? If they can't answer any of these then you need to call me ASAP.

8. Hire a Realtor that knows how to exploit the internet when exposing your home to internet buyers and also knows how to capture those leads so they can follow up. During the interview, ask the Realtor if their listings will show up on other real estate company websites. If they don't know the answer then you need to call me ASAP.

9. Did I mention pricing your home competitively?

10. Hire Jeff Duffey. Yeah. I said it. There's not enough shameless promotion on my blog.


  1. As usual, you're right on the money. If I were going to sell my home (and I wasn't already a Realtor), I'd call you!

  2. Love your blog, Jeff! You say it like it is!

  3. Thanks Sue. I've always been one of your biggest fans as well. When is your blog going public? If you don't have one you definitely should! I would certainly read it.