Monday, March 10, 2008

Is There Such a Thing as Too Much House?

Certainly not in Texas. I mean c'mon. But in Boca Raton, FL a hot off the presses millionaire, who raked in his cash using the ever popular get-rich-quick formula of man forms company, company does ridiculously well, corporation offers zillions to buy it, man lives happily ever after swimming in his riches (Right Larry Lacerte?), built a lavish estate fit for a king and days after moving into the 23,000 square foot behemoth they put the home on the market for a blistering $24.9 million. According to the Wall Street Journal article,

"The 23,000 square-foot mansion is done in French-Country-Manor-style (this being the Florida beach), with four kinds of rare onyx in the bedroom, music piped underwater in the resort-style pool, a computerized television system holding 850 movies and hand-shaved walnut floors. The doorknobs and hinges alone cost $160,000.

Yet when Dru and his wife and kids moved in, they discovered a problem. It was too big. So days after moving in, they put it on the market.

"They’re from the Midwest,” Gerard Liguori, the home’s broker, told [WSJ]. “When they moved it they felt it was just too large for what they were comfortable with."

Amateurs. I'm sure here in Dallas we would shame them back to where they came from. We can't seem to get enough house around here. But I have a feeling they put the home on the market because they spent too much money on the underwater speaker system in the pool. It wasn't too long ago a "little" home on Strait Lane had 2 separate owners that spent beyond their means and had to sell before they ever saw their dream home realized.

Thanks to Cooper Smith for the linkage.

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