Wednesday, March 5, 2008

This House is Like a Door Knob...

...everyone's had a turn. Or, "this house has been around the block". Anyone? Anyone? No? Okay. I thought it was funny. Anwyay, check out this home's listing history affectionately known as Sonnyland in Frisco. If you read D Magazine or D Home then you've surely seen their ad over the last 4 years. You haven't seen a colorful listing history until you've seen this one. Where to begin, how about 2004?

Keller Williams for 71 days
Listed 5/04 at $4,150,000
Expired 8/04 at $3,995,000

Hoffman International for a hair raising 612 days
Listed 8/04 at $4,200,000
Expired 4/06 at $3,600,000

Ebby Halliday for 232 days
Listed 5/06 at $2,995,000
Expired 12/06 at $3,495,000 (Raising the price $1.5 million. Really?)

Took a break from MLS from 1/07 to 6/07

Sharif Munir for 226 days (What's up with listing with Sharif Munir? Interesting choice)
Listed 6/07 at $3,375,000
Expired 1/08 at $3,400,000 (What's the $25K increase in price for?)

Sharif Munir - again - for 42 days
Listed 1/08 at $2,600,000
Expired 3/08 at $2,600,000

Whew! My head is spinning. Having started off asking $4.2 million and last listed at $2.6 million, if you add up all the days this house has been in the MLS it equates to a heart stopping 1,183 days! That has to be the longest listing history in the history of foreverness. Not sure why, but it reminds me of this.

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  1. That video is priceless!! The music is LOL.

    The Tart
    ; )