Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Bad. Revised Park Cities Sales Stats

Turns out I didn't look very closely at the closing dates of the properties. Big thanks to Britt Fair for noticing there was not 1 closing in February on the CMA even though you can see I included the month of February in the search criteria up top. I just got off the phone with our MLS folks and apparently the term we use when you search for homes in Highland Park ISD was changed (there are 3 Highland Park ISD search terms in our MLS for some reason) which is why no closings showed up for the month of February. Completely my fault. Isn't technology fun? If I worked for a news station I would totally be fired. So here are the real 2008 sales stats. Lakewood and Preston Hollow stats were not affected.

Number of homes sold: 44 (60)
Avg. price/sf: $365.71 ($363.07)
Avg. sales price: $1,487,885 ($1,594,985)
Avg. days on market: 117 (75)

*2007 statistics for same time period in ( )

So that is only a 27% drop in number of homes sold and a 7% drop in price.


  1. No prob. Keep up the good blogging!

  2. In the Sale Price column, some of the listings have a " (Z) " after the price. What does this mean? That the actual selling price was not disclosed?

  3. Britt, you need to be a guest blogger for me. The "Z" is a little bit of a controversy depending on which Realtors you speak to. Some are all for it while others say it should be banned and all sales prices should be disclosed. It definitely deserves its own blog post.

  4. You don't need a guest blogger - I think you are a good 1-man show. I'm just a reader who likes analytical thoughts on real estate. But I won't hesitate to leave a "comment" here and there (as if you thought otherwise)...