Saturday, March 1, 2008

You Really Like Me! February Blog Stats

February has come and gone and I'm not sure any of us even noticed. At least I didn't. Sellers are - or should be - landscaping and cleaning house getting prepped to enter the Spring real estate fray. Buyers are getting preapproved - hopefully - and kicking plenty of tires looking for their new place to call home. And I'm staying quite busy because of it and that's the way I like it. But of course there's this little project I started almost a year ago that has me tapping away at my keyboard even more than my Crackberry. Here's how DREB fared because of you, dear reader, for the month of February as compared to the record setting month of January.

Pageloads: 2,485 (+8%)
Unique Visitors: 1,722 (+25%)
Returning Visitors: 361 (+31%)

Most Read Posts for February

#1 Real Estalker Revealed
#2 Top 25 Wealthiest Towns
#3 My Last Thoughts on Whole Foods
#4 Phil Romano's $17.5 Million Home
#5 Leona Helmsley's $125 Million Weekend Home

Top 5 Search Terms: How People Found My Blog

#1 Dallas real estate blog
#2 Richest towns in America
#3 Wealthiest towns in America
#4 Wick Allison (Ha!)
#5 Phil Romano

Top 5 States for DREB Readers

#1 Texas
#2 New York
#3 New Jersey
#4 California
#5 Illinois

Places around the world where someone visited my blog

Czech Republic
Sri Lanka
Viet Nam

Now only if I could somehow get Merritt Patterson to be a guest contributor.

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