Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Apartment Building I've Never Heard Of To Open April 21st

Just saw this in my RECON email.


DALLAS (Dallas Morning News) – Spectrum Properties Ltd.'s downtown 17-story luxury residential tower — called 1407 Main — is set to open officially April 21.The tower includes ground-floor retail, a parking garage, a rooftop pool deck, a bowling alley, a theatre and more than 80 residential units. Rents range from about $1,495 for a 751-sf unit, to more than $4,000 for a 1,700-sf penthouse.Good, Fulton & Farrell Architects designed the project.

Bowling alley? Really? With 80 units I'm sure there will be no arguments over who can use it and at what times. Oh yeah, how come have I NEVER heard about this building until this very day?

In the immortal words of Pink, who knew?


  1. Jeff, you don't do downtown much do you? 1407 Main is otherwise known as Third Rail Lofts. I can't speak to their marketing efforts (or lack thereof) and I did find it odd that their press release says 1407 Main and not Third Rail Lofts.

    I've known about it for two years, watching it go up from my window at 1505 Elm. What? You haven't heard of that property either?

  2. Everyone's heard of 1505 Elm St. Believe me.

    But just so you don't think I'm ignoring downtown, I've either shown property or sold units in SoCo Urban Lofts, Metropolitan, Buzz Lofts, Terrace Condos, Canton Lofts, 509 Elm St., 1999 McKinney, 2011 Cedar Springs, W, Azure, Stoneleigh, Ritz. You get the idea.

    When the Farmer's Market apartments were going up we all heard about those. Even though these are rentals, when i read 1407 Main is going to have a bowling alley I was pretty baffled they hadn't advertised much and that I hadn't heard about it. It sounds incredible and certainly too good to keep secret.