Monday, April 21, 2008

Dallas Leaves Good Impression On First Time Visitor

I got an email last week from someone who happened upon my blog asking me what areas he should check out while he's in Dallas for the first time to view some serious real estate. I sent him to Strait Lane, Lennox, Ursula, Park Lane. I even gave him Mark Cuban's gated estate location. Then I advised him to check out Beverly, Armstrong and the picturesque Lakeside Drive (my fave). What did he think? Oh, he liked. He sent the following email after he returned home. We should take note of his Beverly Hills/Park Cities impression. Go Dallas!

Hey Jeff,

I am back from my trip to Texas. I had a great time and thought Dallas was very nice. As for the Park Cities and Preston Hollow, all I can say is wow. I have done a lot of traveling and always try to check out the prime real estate and I think your area is perhaps the best. The homes are so beautiful and they all blend in so nicely with each other. The flats of Beverly Hills, similar to the Park Cities, has been ruined with very large and ugly new construction. The new homes in your area fit in pretty well and the occasional modern houses are cool.

All the beautiful parks and the nice shopping areas also add nicely to the community. I was very impressed and will now spend the coming days obsessing about this area. Somebody on Wikimapia had placed on the site a lot of information on many of these homes. At the time I saw this I did not realize I would be coming to Dallas and the information has since been deleted. This also happened in Palm Beach. I guess the owners of these properties got upset. I can't blame them but it was great information and now that I have been there, I wish I could go back and review it.

Thanks for your best street list. I made it to all the streets you recommend and it was a big help since the area is so large. You definitely sent me in the right direction. I forgot to ask you where Volks Estates is? River Oaks in Houston is also very nice but was much more impressed with your area.

Thanks again for all your help


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