Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Real Estate Agent Photo Contest

Over at Overheard (what?), Merritt Patterson asked readers to submit their most favorite "super-glam" Realtor. I'm glad to see the post got some great responses and I agree with all of the names I recognize. But of course someone couldn't resist poking fun. Someone calling herself "Glenda - The Benign Narcissist of the North" said,
"Dear Jeff Duffy - Is this comment referring to me?: “It’s the dead-behind-the-eyes agents that continuously list multi-million dollar estates while barely knowing how to park their Lexus at HP Village that will always baffle me.” And you people thought I couldn’t use a computer - Look at me now, I’m signing a Blob! Gotta run, I’m having a photo taken of my hair at the Lakeside listing. Toodles."
I know who they are referring to but have a feeling it might get me into even more hot water. But poking fun at Dallas' reputation for having big hair did give me an idea for a contest. Send me the most bizarre or outlandish real estate agent photos you can find and I will post them for all to see. I know there are some good ones out there.

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  1. Here is a good one to get you started -
    California agent/housewife/sex bomb

    When you click the link to find out about real estate, it comes up blank. No surprise.