Monday, April 21, 2008


Thank you for your comments and all of you are "spot on", as the British - or whoever - say. Everything in life has to have a balance and blogs are not exempt from this rule. I will continue to share my thoughts on Dallas real estate because this blog has been an incredible source of release for me. I was telling someone the other day that I truly feel as though I can empty my head at the end of the day onto this blog and there is something very cathartic about that.

The notoriety and name recognition is great even though there is no measurable or tangible monetary return at this moment. Is that a reason to give it up? Absolutely not. I'm not that naive and I know this blog can pay off down the road. But time spent on this blog was not compensatory with what it was bringing in and that can become a problem after a while.

So I'm not going anywhere any time soon. While posts may be less frequent there is always something I can talk about. Plus, there are way too many uneducated real estate agents and real estate consumers out there that need my help.

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