Wednesday, April 2, 2008

This is Why You Need to Listen to Your Mama

For those of you that think Phil Romano got the raw end of the deal when Miss Real Estalker opined about the Romano's decorating habits, read what she has to say about Rush Hour star and Jackie Chan co-star, Chris Tucker's California abode. I'll give you a taste.
"Upstairs in the "sumptuous" master suite we have more beige things and some disco lighting which is so perplexing and upsetting to Your Mama that we have already started in on the gin and it's not even noon yet. In the master bathroom we find more eye popping disco lighting and a spa tub large enough to host any number of Hollywood hussies with large plastic boobs."
There is so much more but I recommend you read it for yourself. You have to admit the cast stone corners on this house are very upsetting.

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