Thursday, January 3, 2008

Phil Romano's $17.5 Million Dollar Home

One of my new favorite blog authors, Your Mama the Real Estalker, shamelessly rips apart Mr. Romano's Strait Lane pad in this post. Park Cities People and Dallas Dirt caught wind of it but I saw it first thanks to my source. Thankyouverymuch. Although I think Candy Evans over at Dallas Dirt is being a little too harsh on Your Mama in this post...and this one...and this one. It is commonly known that very personalized homes take longer to sell because they naturally appeal to a smaller pool of buyers. Yes. Even at this price range people watch the dollars. That's how they got to be rich in the first place. Think about how much it will cost to change 15,000 sf of crazy ceilings! I have seen $50,000 coffered and hand carved mahogany ceilings in dining rooms and I guarantee you no one is going to change that. But the decor and ceilings in the Romano house are pretty personalized and I can see someone spending a pretty penny changing them. Now is that a reason someone isn't going to buy this house if they have the cash? Probably not. But having $50K ceilings in the first place that are going to appeal to pretty much everyone in the first place couldn't hurt could it?

Oh, and thanks to Dallas Dirt for the breaking news about the reason the Romano's are selling. Big 'D', indeed.

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  1. What's up with all the different ceiling treatments? I'd get motion sick just walking through the house -- and from the looks of the photos, I might also get a good workout walking from one end to the other.