Monday, January 21, 2008

$85 Million Home in Homby Hills, CA

I know it has nothing to do with Dallas real estate but you should know by now I'm fascinated by ridiculous price tags. This home is in Holmby Hills, CA which is some seriously prime real estate and is located on 7 acres. That alone leaves only the Oprah's, Bill Gates', hedge fund big wigs and middle eastern oil princes in terms of who can afford it. Thanks to The Real Estalker we know the now deceased owner was Henry Singleton, who was a co-founder of electronics company Teledyne.

Candy Evans over at D is sure to have some more words for Your Mama as she uses Dallas' name in vane yet again with this statement,
"Your Mama...would never want to live in a big ol' house that looks like a galleria mall in Dallas with a Tiananmen Square sized parking lot out front."
Git'er Candy!

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