Thursday, January 24, 2008

Another BIistering Asking Price in Highland Park

I guess I'm infatuated with ridiculously priced homes because I know I'll never be able to afford one. 4412 Lakeside Dr. just hit the market with a staggering $15 million price tag. What will that get you you're wondering? First, you'll have the privilege of living on one of my favorite streets in the country. You're facing Lakeside Park which is one of the most beautiful places you'll ever see on a Spring Day. You should see all the parents dragging their gussied up kids to this place come March and April not to mention the flurry wedding photos. Jerry Jones is within a stone's throw and Troy Aikman is a 5 minute jog away on Highland. But other than that the almost 10,000 square foot house was built in 1918 on a half acre and is was completely gutted from 2000 to 2003. The pictures look phenomenal and that wine room makes me wanna pop open a Pinot Noir just looking at it. And if $15 million is too steep for you why don't you scoot down the street and check out 4808 Lakeside Dr. Asking a paltry $10.9 million, this home has been lingering on the market almost 500 days after starting off at almost $12 million.

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