Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bitter About Real Estate

My friend Lydia Player over at North Dallas Homes Blog sent me a link yesterday to a blog post on Real Estate Radio USA saying the National Association of Realtors (NAR) is virtually expecting 2008 not to bring any relief to the real estate woes of California, Florida, Vegas and all of the other hard hit cities across the country. (But not Dallas!) The blog authors are also real estate investors with a take no prisoners attitude that want to get the best deals possible. You get the idea from this excerpt.

If your client does not NEED to sell, take the house off the market. It will NEVER sell because the Seller does not and will not understand that his property value is about to s#&t the bed. If he is just seeing what he can get he is wasting the agent’s time and the prospective buyer’s time. Cancel the listing and tell him to batten down the hatches. He should be safe, we’re looking for roadkill!

This blog post caught the attention of NAR's attorneys but it doesn't look like these guys are backing down. I get it. They want to make sellers hurt when they buy their properties 30% below market value. But what is their issue with Realtors?
Using professional and real estate in the same sentence, as I just did, is an oxymoron. A true professional would be able to provide sincere credible advice on their product and most real estate agents simply can not.
They sound like scorned and bitter ex-husbands. Now I won't argue that some of it isn't warranted. There are many real estate agents that do not conduct their business professionally but I don't want to go there right now. (Another blog post maybe?) But there are quite a few Realtors in my market area that should take issue with the statement above. Feel free to leave comments on their website...and on mine.


  1. Bitter ex-husnbands? Naw...just two bullish investors who know how to buy and sell real estate profitably.

    You wrote.."there are many real estate agents that do not conduct their business professionally" about the facts bud...10% of real estate agents do 90% of the business. It's a lot more than many!

    You have to understand, unlike most homebuyers, we deal with hundreds of real estate agents across the Country and in doing so we get a wide sample to be able to base our opinions.

    We work and guard closely our relationships with those professional agents that we do work with.

    Our issue is with the over abundance of agents who do not have a clue. You seem to be in the Professional category and just by having a blog and the ability to communicate with your market shows you are one of the good guys.

    Keep it up and good luck, perhaps when we come to Dallas we can get together and do some business.

    As you so eloquently state, we have a "take no prisoners attitude" and accordingly we work to get the best deals possible..minimum of 30-35% below CURRENT market value...always!

  2. I have to say I was happy to hear you advise people to "get the own bulldog (Realtor)" when trying to purhase a home and I'm also glad you appreciate your relationships with your Realtors. As far as the abundance of Realtors out there you are correct. There are way too many that aren't producing and they don't need to be in the business. Problem is that NAR will not get their association fees if they booted them out. I'm about to post my thoughts on this. Thanks for reading my blog and I'll certainly be keeping my eyes on yours.