Saturday, January 5, 2008

House Shopping by Wave Runner

So I'm still in Naples, FL on vacation and a friend and I took out the wave runner to cruise up and down the bays looking at all the expensive real estate this fine city has to offer. And regardless of what you might be hearing about the woes of real estate in Florida, I am here to tell you there are some eye popping price tags and there are buyers out there actually paying them. I took a couple of pictures from my Blackberry of some homes I came across so the quality isn't that good but you get the idea. So I'll be posting a different home each time and I want you to guess how much the home is on the market for. Enjoy!

This one isn't on the market and my hunch is that the builder ran out of money. This home is obviously falling into complete disrepair. Can you imagine what the neighbors think?

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