Thursday, January 3, 2008

RE: It's All About Perspective

I got this comment from a DREB reader about this post. Thanks to the anonymous poster because I appreciate this type of feedback and dialogue. Also thanks to him/her for clarifying the stats for me.
The 78% drop is volume, not price. Also, there may not be 60% appreciation in one year, but there are areas that have experienced very high appreciation. That makes the overall DFW market more difficult to analyze. There are some ZIP codes that will see depreciation.

I could not agree more that there are some zip codes that will see depreciation. I've said that many times and even on T.V. But I must disagree that some areas have seen "very high appreciation". First, what does that mean? And second, the only areas that will ever appreciate around 25% will be Preston Hollow and Park Cities and maybe some parts of Lakewood or around White Rock Lake. If any other area appreciates by this much then there are other forces at play such as big time developers scooping up land or apartments in a smaller city.

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