Wednesday, January 30, 2008

World's First Billion Dollar Home

No this is not a Las Vegas style resort. This is for one friggin' family. An earthquakingly wealthy family worth a paltry $22 billion according to Forbes. 570 feet tall, 27 stories, space for 168 cars and 600 full-time servants. The residence's name (of course it has to have it's own name!) is "Residence Antilia" named after a mythical island and was designed by Chicago architecture firm Perkins & Will.

Not one to be modest, the owner, Mukesh Ambani, bought his wife a $60 million dollar luxury jet for her 44th birthday. Wheels up, indeed.


  1. no way thats insane lol
    i would love to see it though

  2. This is CAD (computer aided design), not the real one.

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