Sunday, January 27, 2008

How Important Are Multiple Photos on

Please note, I am not picking on or critiquing the following real estate agents' marketing methods nor am I implying they are less than capable Realtors. I am simply curious as to how important having multiple photos on is to today's sellers. The following listings on have 1 or no pictures and are over $1 million. I'm wondering if the owners of these homes realize how detrimental this can be. Or maybe I'm missing the mark and having multiple photos on is no longer important to sellers. If you were selling your home in today's market would you be ok with 1 or no photos on I'd love to hear your feedback.

6706 Tulip Ln. - $1,070,000

6530 Brookshire Ln. - $1,100,000

6011 Mimosa Ln. - $1,149,000

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