Monday, January 14, 2008

Seriously. Someone Buy Me! I'm a New Home in Lakewood

I've been on the market since August of 2005. Yeah. You read that right. I've been on the market roughly 2 years and 5 months. That's like 880 days if my math is correct. I started out asking $1,072,000 and now I'm down all the way to $939,000. Wow. Someone please buy me.

My notes: The builder is Spirit River custom homes which is owned by Michael Campbell (or at least partly owned by him I believe) who is a great guy and Realtor. He's actually a past president of our local real estate association so he knows how to sell real estate. I haven't seen the inside of this house but I'm getting quite curious as to what is scaring buyers so much from making offers. No matter what the issue is, the market is telling this house it's not worth the asking price. Sellers take note. This is one of the risks of overpricing in the beginning of a listing period.

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